Service Offer Agreement
May 30, 2018. Moscow


1. The offer is addressed to customers - legal entities and individuals.
2. A contract for the provision of encryption services for essential parameters of customer documents shall be deemed to be concluded for an indefinite period after the acceptance of the offer:
pay for services rendered or receive notice of acceptance by e-mail or on the website.
3. Clients agree with the terms of service with the contractor:
4. The contractor does not pay VAT, as it applies a simplified tax system.
5. Clients pay for services by bank transfer.
6. The contractor and customers do not sign acts. Payment confirms the quality of services.
7. An obligatory condition for the provision of services is the provision by the client of an e-mail on the company's letterhead and with a seal to the address

8. Email Correspondence:
has the power of a simple electronic signature.
9. The contractor is entitled to advertise himself by telling about the services on his website.
10. Rights of claim are not subject to assignment.
11. The pretrial dispute settlement procedure within 30 days is obligatory.

12. By accepting this offer, the client also accepts the privacy policy. Attention - the service provides services for encrypting and decrypting document parameters; no information about documents is stored on the server.
13. Jurisdiction of unresolved disputes - the court of Moscow